• Kristi Bayerlein

White Clay Creek Family Session - The G Family

Parenthood is filled with challenges, varying emotions, joy, and chaos, but most of all, it is an overwhelming sense of love and belonging. When we hold our baby in our arms for the first time, it is like we have known them our whole lives--like they just fit there and immediately change the definition of who we are at our core. And while the joys of parenthood typically outweigh the struggles (though, some days it certainly feels the other way around), there is no way to avoid the difficult moments.

I cannot tell you the number of times that I scoffed at someone telling me that I was going to miss the hectic moments of newborn life--attempting to calm my screaming baby, or nursing for the 50th time in two hours. I was positive that I would not miss those times, but here I am, with a toddler and a preschooler, telling new mamas to savor all the moments.

We get overwhelmed, and that is ok. Babies fuss at exactly the times we want them to cooperate, and that is ok. We may not enjoy those chaotic moments, and that is ok. I am here to guide you through those moments, let you children be who they are, and capture the beauty that may be difficult for you to see as it is happening.

I promise that no matter how overwhelming life may feel, I will do everything in my power as your photographer to show you the beauty of the ordinary moments that we spend together. Whether that means simply snuggling by a creek, calming a fussy little one, or chasing your kiddos as they burn off some energy, I hope to take the stress out of family photos and give you time to enjoy your family as you are in this present stage of life.


Continue scrolling to see some photos and video from this sweet little family's session. After struggling through infertility and loss, they finally have their rainbow baby in their arms, and I could not be more honored to have been able to capture these precious moments for them!


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