• Kristi Bayerlein

A Mama's View - a photo series

Updated: Aug 13

There have been so many days recently that I sit down after putting the kids to bed, open my laptop to start editing, and think to myself, what did I even do today? Where did the time go, and why couldn't I do some of this while it was still light out? These thoughts typically take over for a while, and make me feel guilty for not being productive enough, or feeling like I should have been able to get more done--but the truth of the matter is, at this stage in my childrens' lives, and with both of them being home 24/7, I have to give them a lot of attention during the day, so aside from answering emails, messages, and phone calls, most of the bigger business tasks like editing or writing this blog, happen after dark. But with this realization, still the question begs "but, if you're just with your kids, what were YOU doing all day?"

Well, I decided to answer that question the best way I know how--through photos. From the time my kiddos woke up, to the time they went to bed, I took a photo every hour from my own perspective to showcase a mother's involvement in her childrens' day-to-day lives. I think it is so important for us to remember how much effort and love we put into keeping our children healthy and happy, even when our brains (or outsiders) try to tell us otherwise.

So the next time you find yourself down, wondering where the day went, remember this series (or do one of your own!), and remind yourself how amazing it is that you do ALL of this for your kids, while also taking care of yourself, working, and/or running a business.

Moms are amazing, and we deserve to remind ourselves of that.

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Day in, and day out, we do all that we can for our children, and if that means staying up late to get work done, or just to simply take some time for yourself, that is ok. <3


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