• Kristi Bayerlein

Exploring Delaware's Bay and Coast

I don't know about you, but this year has weighed heavily on mine and my family's shoulders. We have been antsy being at home and being unsure of where we could go without running into a lot of other people, but we desperately needed to get out of the house. We set out one morning with the plan to enjoy a picnic and a bike ride along the canal, but after our ride, we ended up driving along Route 9 aimlessly, with no plan or goal, to see what we could find. This ended up being a day that was immensely good for our souls--a day full of joy, wonder, and an overall sense of calm.

The first stop on our journey was Biddle Point in New Castle. This is where you can walk or bike along the C&D Canal on the Michael N Castle Trail (and just so happens to be one of my favorite locations for family photo sessions). We ended up biking about 8 miles total, looking at the bridges, flora, and boats passing us by. This is a super easy, paved trail, so if you are looking to just get away for a little bit without a ton of physical effort, I highly recommend trying this one out!

After biking in a drizzle, we decided instead of heading home, we would hop in the car, and ride down Route 9 until we found a place to explore. While driving, we remembered a small beach that we had been to before and headed there. Augustine Beach is such a nice little taste of vacation without having to actually pack anything up and travel very far (and also another session location favorite!). We spent our time here running, digging in the sand, and throwing rocks into the water. The joy on the kids' faces was palpable!

I know there are easier ways to get onto the beach, but there is an adorable little "secret pathway" that the kids absolutely loved taking! It made them feel like we were traveling through our own special little doorway to one of their favorite places--a beach!

I seriously can't get over the little giggles and laughs that these kiddos expressed while on this beach. It was such a nice change of pace for all of us, and really pushed me back into the joys of childhood.

After exploring this little beach for quite some time, we decided to hop back in the car and continue down Route 9. We found this really cool little observation tower, and honestly, I don't know that I could point it out on a map--it was so random! But, we pulled over and hustled up the pathway to see what we could find.

Finally, after popping onto one more beach along the way, we decided to make our way down to Rehoboth and let lose a little on the boardwalk. Funland is typically a place that we visit several times in a summer, so it has been really quite sad to not be there this year. However, we saw that they are working at 20% capacity, and keeping everyone safe to the best of their ability, so we decided to go, and boy, am I happy we did. These kiddos were so thrilled to be riding the rides once again, and even moreso after such an amazing day of adventuring together.

So tell, me, where have you adventured to this summer while working to keep your family safe? I'd love to hear!


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