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8 Amazing Locations for Family Photos in Northern Delaware

As a photographer, a big part of my job is finding the best locations for each of my clients sessions. Every time I am in the car, I am on the lookout for new spots to hold sessions, and am looking for a few different traits in each of these spots--overall scenery, shade, crowd levels, direction of the light, and the variety of available scenery. In doing this, we are able to use a unique spot close to your home for a gorgeous, personalized session. Of course, though, there are always some favorite photo session spots, and those are what I am sharing today.

**Before heading to these spots for a photo session, make sure your photographer looks into permit requirements and takes care of any necessary paperwork ahead of time!**

So, without further adieu, here are 8 amazing locations in Northern Delaware for Family Photo Sessions:

1. DuPont Environmental Education Center (Wilmington) - This is one of my favorites because of the variety of the environment. From boardwalks in the marsh, to fields, and trees, you can get several different backgrounds in one location (not without a bit of walking, though). If you're really feeling like making the most of it, bring your bikes and explore the trail that leads all the way to Old New Castle!

2. Rockwood Park and Museum (Wilmington) - Rockwood is another location for sessions that offers a great variety of scenery. Here, you can get architectural backdrops, along with beautiful and unique foliage.

3. Rittenhouse Park (Newark) - During the summer months, it is always fun to have a photo session along a creek. Here, you can get a bit of sand, a bit of woods, and have some fun splashing in the water.

4. Bellevue State Park (Wilmington) - fields of tall grass, walking trails, a pond, and gorgeous weeping willows makes Bellevue a photographer's dream. So many gorgeous scenes as you wander through this park, it's hard not to get lost in the beauty.

5. Valley Garden Park (Greenville) - This location is beautiful all year long, but especially in the spring. There are fields of wildflowers and a cute stream that passes right through the middle of the park.

6. Fox Point State Park (Wilmington) - With the river in the east, this location is stunning at sunrise, so if you are an early riser, mark this one down for a photo session first thing in the morning.

7. Biddle Point (New Castle) - This paved trail is easily accessible, and can lead you to a variety of beautiful locations along the C&D canal. Biddle Point is gorgeous for either morning or evening sessions, so you won't miss out no matter what time you go.

8. Brandywine Creek State Park (Wilmington) - Brandywine Creek State Park is large and has a seemingly endless amount of opportunities for beautiful family photos.

So, those are 8 amazing locations right here in Northern Delaware for your next Family Photo Session. We may not have towering mountains or rushing waterfalls, but Delaware has a lot of beauty to offer all seasons of the year.


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